One thing that all compact tractors should have is the rear skid plate. The skid plate will save your machine from expensive damage such as oil filters punctures, plastic transmission fan destruction, and transmission casing cracks.

The Bro-Tek Skid Plate is made of 1/8” steel diamond plate and has been designed for easy installation. Unlike other skid plates, these are easily installed in 10 minutes with no drilling. They come pre-painted with a very durable paint for long life and good looks, even underneath!

For those of you that want to protect the fuel filter, pump, and exposed wiring, there is now a front extension available. It bolts to the existing holes in the frame and to the Bro-Tek rear Skid plate. The best part is that it only takes 4 minutes to install.

Please note that Bro-Tek does not recommend having the front skid plate installed while the mid mount mower (MMM) is attached to your machine. The good news is that removing the front skid plate only takes minutes and reinstalling is just as easy when mowing season is over. The rear skid plate can remain in place while using the MMM. For those of you with a BX and a front snowblower, both plates can remain on the tractor without interfering. The PTO door is made for the full travel of the shaft.

 Part Number  Make  Model  Item Name  Price
0020039011 John Deere 1000 Rear Skid Plate $200.00
0020039012 John Deere 1000 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0020041011 John Deere 1026R Rear Skid Plate $200.00
0020041012 John Deere 1026R Front Skid Plate $100.00
0020042011 John Deere 2210 Rear Skid Plate $200.00
0020042012 John Deere 2210 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0020043011 John Deere 2305 Rear Skid Plate $200.00
0020043012 John Deere 2305 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0020038011 John Deere X530 Rear Skid Plate $200.00
0020038012 John Deere X530 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010140011 Kubota BX1500 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010140012 Kubota BX1500 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010141011 Kubota BX1800 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010141012 Kubota BX1800 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010142011 Kubota BX1830 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010142012 Kubota BX1830 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010143011 Kubota BX1850 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010143012 Kubota BX1850 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010144011 Kubota BX1860 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010144012 Kubota BX1860 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010209011 Kubota BX1870 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010209012 Kubota BX1870 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010135011 Kubota BX22 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010135012 Kubota BX22 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010145011 Kubota BX2200 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010145012 Kubota BX2200 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010146011 Kubota BX2230 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010146012 Kubota BX2230 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010136011 Kubota BX23 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010136012 Kubota BX23 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010147011 Kubota BX2350 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010147012 Kubota BX2350 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010148011 Kubota BX2360 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010148012 Kubota BX2360 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010149011 Kubota BX2370 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010149012 Kubota BX2370 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010137011 Kubota BX24 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010137012 Kubota BX24 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010138011 Kubota BX25 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010138012 Kubota BX25 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010139011 Kubota BX25D Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010139012 Kubota BX25D Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010150011 Kubota BX2660 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010150012 Kubota BX2660 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0010151011 Kubota BX2670 Rear Skid Plate $180.00
0010151012 Kubota BX2670 Front Skid Plate $100.00
0030058011 Massey Ferguson GC1720 Rear Skid Plate $140.00
0030059011 Massey Ferguson GC2310 Rear Skid Plate $140.00
0030060011 Massey Ferguson GC2400 Rear Skid Plate $140.00
0030061011 Massey Ferguson GC2410 Rear Skid Plate $140.00
0030062011 Massey Ferguson GC2600 Rear Skid Plate $140.00
0030063011 Massey Ferguson GC2610 Rear Skid Plate $140.00